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City proposes awarding a scholarship for research on sustainable development in Tartu

Tartu City Government Press Release

Tartu Ülikool Photo: Kerly Ilves

30 June / The Tartu City Government submitted a proposal to the City Council to supplement the Tartu Raefund Scholarship and distribute it to those students from the University of Tartu who are studying the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the context of the City of Tartu.

‘Sustainable development means that in every facet of life it would be better to live in Tartu tomorrow than it is today. As city leaders, we will never have access to the broad scope and abundance of ideas that grow inside the walls of the University. Through the scholarship, we are looking to find new and fresh ideas for managing the city, while at the same time encouraging students to address issues that are important to us in their studies,’ said Deputy Mayor Lemmit Kaplinski.

The Tartu Raefund Scholarship is a scholarship awarded in cooperation between the City of Tartu and the University of Tartu Foundation, in the amount of EUR 1,500. The scholarship can be applied for by University of Tartu students whose research papers or essays deal with the challenges facing the City of Tartu and the city-related developments in light of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

‘The City of Tartu and the University of Tartu Foundation are linked by long-standing cooperation, which is a good example of the substantive interest of the local government in engaging students in thinking about their development issues. We hope that students will eagerly grasp this new opportunity. The scholarship competition will be announced on 1 October, and scholarship applications together with research or essays are expected by 1 April 2023,’ said Katriin Fisch-Uibopuu, Head of the University of Tartu Foundation.

When awarding a scholarship, the level of the research or essay, novel ideas or knowledge presented therein are taken into account, along with the student’s academic achievement. Up to ten scholarships are awarded annually to University of Tartu students. The recipient of the scholarship must be ready to prepare a summary of his or her research or essay for the purpose of informing the public.

The Tartu Raefund Scholarship was established in 1997, in cooperation between the City of Tartu and the University of Tartu. The scholarship was established with the intention of recognising students from Tartu, and research, teaching and development work related to Tartu.

In September 2015, world leaders adopted the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development until 2030 “Let’s Change Our World.” Sustainable development includes transitioning to a low-carbon, resource-efficient circular economy; transitioning to sustainable production and consumption of food; investing in innovation, long-term infrastructure renewal, etc.

Last changed 30.06.2022