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Tartu has closed its waste stations and is planning to cooperate with private security firms

Tartu City Government Press Release


16 March / In connection with the spread of the coronavirus, the Tartu City Government has taken additional steps to restrict the spread of the virus.

Starting today, both of Tartu’s waste disposal stations (Jaama 72c and Selli 19) will be closed. Over the weekend, people started to bring large amounts of household waste to these locations and, as a result, queues formed. The gathering together of people increases the risk of spreading the virus.

Over the weekend, the City Government sent a memorandum to taxi drivers, instructing them to clean their vehicles more frequently. The City Government is urging all taxi drivers operating in the city to clean and disinfect the contact surfaces in their cars following each client.

Under the direction of Tartu City Transport, the thorough cleaning and disinfection of buses is taking place following the completion of each driving cycle.

The city is planning to work more closely with private security firms, in order to ensure the enforcement of decisions made by the Government of the Republic and security in the city

Last changed 24.03.2020