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Tartu consolidates information on region’s food producers and providers

Tartu City Government Press Release

food Foto: Katrin Press

1 April / The City of Tartu is consolidating information on the food producers and providers in the region who are ready to offer home delivery of food or to send orders to the parcel machine selected by the client.

The need to consolidate the information of e-services providers came about due to the overloading and long delivery times of larger supermarkets and e-shops.
Tartu’s tourism portal visittartu.com has consolidated a selection of local small producers, markets, bigger supermarket e-shops as well as regional restaurants and cafes that are offering home delivery of food. The page is being updated on a continuous basis. Links can also be found on the City of Tartu’s homepage, and on the page containing corona virus related instructions www.tartu.ee/en/coronavirus
Based on the need to minimize contact between people, the Tartu City Government recommends that you avoid visiting shops and instead order delivery of food to your home or a parcel machine, if possible. If visiting a shop is unavoidable, it is recommended that you carefully plan your shopping list and also plan ahead. The City Government is also calling on people to help family members and relatives who lack the ability or skills to place orders online.
If possible, the City Government recommends that you support local small producers with your purchases.

Last changed 01.04.2020